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Dr. Renato Verdugo
    (Chile, 2009-2013)

Dr. Alberto Yorio
    (Argentina, 2007-2011)

Dr. Jorge Gutiérrez
    (Colombia, 2009-2013)

Dr. José H. Xavier de Castro
    Past President
    (Brasil, 2009-2013)

Dr. Daniel Cibils
    IFCN Liaison, ICNS President

Dr. Jaime Ramos Peek
    Member-at-large 1
    (México, 2007-2011)

Dra. Lilia Morales
    Member-at-large 2
    (Cuba, 2009-2013)

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        Dominican Republic
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A message from Dr. Daniel Cibils, IFCN General Secretary:

Dear friends,

    The election for IFCN secretary has ended and the LA chapter has obtained the seat, one of the 3 most important within the IFCN Ex Co.
    I can't celebrate our Chapter's victory without thanking you from a distance, mostly those that have been working in making the chapter an important part of the Federation. (A hug to Nelly, Carlos Medina, José Castro, Renato, Luccas and so many many more of you).
    We have been working hard so that the LA Chapter has a continuous presence (since 2006) in the IFCN Ex Co.
    We need to understand that the LA Chapter's position is only the tip of the iceberg because of all the work we do in our countries that now has grown to very high levels and we are now living this incredible dream at an institutional level.
    I'd like to thank all of you for the trust and support you gave to my candidature and for your votes of course. Thanks for your letters to other societies and for your love. I'm very happy for our LA Chapter for its increasingly important role at an international level. The chapter is recognized and respected on the IFCN so we need to keep up the good work for this to go on.

We played a great game as the "LAC Team" and we won!
Warmest regards,

Daniel Cibils
April 2010.
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